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The current version is dated 13 November 2018.

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About the Book

Blunt head injury is perhaps the most common fatal or life-threatening injury.

An important example is a pedestrian's head being struck by a motor vehicle.

Manufactured objects that may strike someone's head, or that are intended to reduce the severity of injury from an impact, are often tested. From that testing, some measurement is obtained that is intended to serve as a proxy for the injury that might occur.

The author is dissatisfied with how data from such tests is analysed and reported in research contexts. Thus this book has a particular focus on encouraging improvement of impact test data analysis. It will do that with the aid of some fairly simple theory about the forces acting on colliding objects.

Blunt injury is the chief concern of this book, but there are also chapters on penetrating injury, damage to manufactured items (and protection by packaging), and handling of agricultural produce.

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